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Research Labs

Composite Materials Lab

Location: Rougeau Hall, Room 109, 110 and 116

The composite materials lab is a research laboratory assigned to Dr. Khattab for his composite material research. This space is also used for individualized undergraduate instruction on composite material research projects.

Energy Institute of Louisiana Labs

Location: Madison Hall

The Energy Institute of Louisiana (Ei) is the university’s comprehensive research unit for all matters regarding energy development, usage, policy, and its impact on the ecological and human condition. The Ei is one of five R&D flagship centers selected by UL Lafayette to lead the institution’s primary research emphasis areas. The goal of the Energy Institute of Louisiana is to provide the State of Louisiana with a World-Class energy advocate that focuses on energy industry developments from technical, ecological, and humanistic perspectives.

Over 10,000 sf of laboratory space is utilized by the Ei membership that contain a vast array of high-end R&D equipment and facilities. The Ei has a full time analytical chemist that supports the analytical aspects of institute projects. It also has four full time research engineers funded via Ei projects along with the faculty members who hail from 3 different colleges across UL Lafayette.